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About Us

The Baden Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) was formed in 1908, and in 1910 divided into three companies - two engine companies and a ladder company.  Since then our department has taken on a completely different image and structure. We are now a single department providing an expanded mission to our community and those around us.

The Baden Volunteer Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire/rescue department.  The BVFD is an equal opportunity, progressive organization whose goal is to provide the highest level of community services within the constraints of our funding and human resources.  We work closely with other fire rescue services in our locality, in our county, and within the state of Pennsylvania.

The Borough of Baden is located twenty (20) miles northwest of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, situated on the banks of the Ohio River, within Beaver County and protects an area of five (5) square miles and 4477 residents. Our response area consists of heavy commercial and industrial areas, a major rail yard, high-density residential buildings, single-family homes, and forested areas. Mutual aid is also given routinely to other fire departments in Beaver, Butler and Allegheny Counties and received regularly from other fire departments. Since 2004 Baden VFD has been one of three fire departments comprising the technical rescue team for Beaver County. BVFD currently responds to an average of 5 technical rescue calls annually within our county, additionally we provide mutual aid assistance to Butler and Mercer counties technical rescue teams on structural collapse and trench rescue incidents. We are designated as a regional asset through the Southwest Pennsylvania Region Counter-Terrorism Task Force, also known as Region 13, which is part of a multi-county Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) Team. We have various members of our fire department trained at a minimum of operations level and are currently certifying our members at the technician level in all disciplines of the technical rescue standards under NFPA 1006 and 1670.

Baden VFD has long been known for being a progressive company.  Actively involved in all aspects of technical rescue, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials response, and of course, fire suppression; it is only natural that the company continue to raise the standard in community service.

The Baden Volunteer Fire Department shows their exemplary commitment to the community by having achieved and maintained a class 4 fire insurance rating.  The different class ratings are determined by a survey including the following 3 critical areas; (1) fire alarm handling (the effectiveness of the 911 system/dispatch), (2) available water supply, and (3) the staffing, training and equipment maintained by the fire department.  The lower the number (10 being the worst, 1 being the best), the better the rating.  This survey is taken every 10 years.

All members are trained to NFPA standards to perform advanced fire suppression and are certified to PA DOH Vehicle Rescue Technician level.   Members are also trained in RIT, incident management, vehicle extrication, and hazmat mitigation (at the operations level). Most members have also furthered their abilities by mastering skills in the fields of trench rescue, structural collapse operations, rope rescue, and confined space rescue as well.  The vast majority of members are also certified to PA DOH First Responders, EMT, Paramedic, and PHRN levels.  All members of the department perform routine update training to continually hone their skills.  Many of our members are active in local, county, and state emergency services organizations.

Our Department provides:

Fire Suppression   

Vehicle Rescue

HAZMAT Response   

High and Low Angle Rescue

Confined Space Rescue  

Collapse Rescue

In 2013, the department responded to one hundred forty three (143) fire and rescue emergency calls, and its call volume has nearly doubled over the last ten years. This increased call volume has challenged our men and women to strive to accomplish our mission. Every resident, visitor, and neighbor should know that our department will continue to "raise the standard in community service".

Public Education   

Technical Rescue (as part of the Region 13 task force)

Fire Prevention   

CPR Training

Child Safety Seat Installation/Inspection

Smoke Detector Installation/Inspection